Farewell Summer, Hello new beginnings..

With the Summer quickly fading, I notice the dark nights creeping back in and I’m looking forward to getting back into some kind of routine in September.  I have realised over our Indian Summer how much I miss this type of weather.  After living away for nine years in Australia, I had forgotten a little of how much a continuous blue sky every morning and the feeling of the sun on my face makes me feel. I dread the long winter that’s inevitable and coming.

Irish people are obsessed with the weather, even my four-and-a-half-year-old is.  He doesn’t like to go out if there’s black clouds and hates the feeling of a few drops of rain on his head.  Every day he has something to say about the weather.

During the Summer, you also lose touch with your regular friends as we all get caught up with keeping the kids entertained and busy.  It’s a stressful two months or three months if you have older kids to keep occupied to.  Mother’s lives are so busy and stressful most of the time but especially when the children have long periods off from school and their routine.  I have one friend in particular who bought a caravan and hitches it up to her car most weeks and heads off to some part of Ireland with the kids and granny.

It all sounds carefree and almost like a Thelma and Louise moment but It is nearly more stressful driving for hours, setting up the caravan when you get to the sites, then remember you have to take it all down and move on to the next site and so on.  To me it sounds exhausting and I would rather book a two-week holiday somewhere in Spain.  Now I know people love this bohemian lifestyle and we had the weather for it this year but what do you do if its bucketing down on a camp site. I would be straight to the local pub.

I love the idea of the camp sites in France, Spain and Italy as you are guaranteed the weather.  This type of holiday I haven’t done yet but maybe next year.

Anyway, I don’t know where this rant came from but something always triggers things in your head.  I am looking forward to the kids beginning school and I will be going back to college for a year. I wasn’t expecting to do anymore studying in my life after my degree but you just never know how your life is going to go.   Hopefully it will be worth all the stress I know is coming. But in a positive light, it’s also a new adventure.

My friend said to me recently that some journalists and bloggers have something to say and a platform to do it.  For me its all about supporting each other and recognising when someone is struggling and give them a hand.  Good things come to people who deserve it and karma is a bitch.

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