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I have been kept busy with Summer activities for the kids, in other words keeping the kids happy.  Summer camps can be expensive, especially when you have more than one child.  But, as Ireland has had a Summer this year, a very good one, its been relatively ok keeping the little ones active.

I always say at the beginning of the Summer, what am I going to do to keep them happy? But weeks fly by and here we are nearly into August.  A month away from school.  I am organised for all that as my twins are starting big school this year.  I like to get the school items early as most people don’t, thinking there’s loads of time and then there isn’t.

Also, I have decided to try to further myself along the work path.  I was trying to think of what I could do for myself while the kids are at school.  A lot of thought and many emails later, I was put on the path to maybe teaching.  So, I need a teaching qualification first which requires myself to do a part-time course in the National College of Ireland for one year.  I had my interview and got accepted.  I am ecstatic and nervous.  I hadn’t intended going down the college route again but here I am.

How am I going to do this? And manage a home and three kids as well?  We shall see come September.  I have done it before but only had one child, this time there are three to consider.  I need to show my children that you can multi task, it’s what we mothers are good at, we have to be. My working life is not over yet, this is something I could be good at.  Sure, we are already teachers to our kids.  It would be nice to have a certificate or diploma to clarify it.

So, on with August and hopefully more fantastic weather before the Summer fades away. Its already getting darker at night time.  It has been such a fantastic Summer, long may it last.

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