Sweet 16…..

So, what exactly is sweet about being 16?  I have a son who has just turned this difficult, transforming age.  I don’t think he has spoke a full sentence in about three years.  I have got used to the grunts and the glares and have learned over time what they mean.

Some grunts mean “leave me alone, I’m hungry, I’m tired, is there anything to eat and I need new shoes”.  The glares are harder to work out, I think some mean “Your embarrassing me, there’s something wrong with you and what do you want? “

All in all, I get more conversation out of my four-and-a-half-year-old twins as they are on the opposite scale and never stop talking.  My head literally melts by six o clock as they bombard me with questions all day.  Questions are so random, I have no answers to, like “Why do some moms have beards? Have you another baby in your tummy? Where does the sun go?”

My house is full of hormonal activity, including my own. But I remember when I was 16, my mother couldn’t keep me in and my siblings the same.  We went out in the mornings and only came back for food before disappearing again till nine o clock.  That was our curfew.  Three months off school was heaven.  My son whom I call, Bruce Wayne, as he is like Batman in his cave, a.k.a his bedroom.  I feel like the butler in the movie to.  I was worried the last few Summers that I would have to paint the room pink to get him out of it.

But since he turned 16, he has shown promise.  He has left his room a few times now since school finished up to go meet his mates.  They all seem to have the same name or he doesn’t want me to know them.

Because as a parent, you have to ask who their parents are to see if u know them. I am happy he’s left the cave even if its short term as it does draw him back.  Also, he seems to have acquired vampire characteristics too as he sleeps all day.

You can’t win but at least the cave is slowly disappearing but I must check to see if he has moved a coffin in there to sleep in, just to be on the safe side.

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