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The Writer's Mindset

The Writer's Mindset is a video series chatting to writers and storytellers about the 5 W's of writing -

'Who, Where, When, Why, What'

I will be chatting with people from all genres of writing - learning about the mindset of a writer.

You can also view all of these interviews on my YouTube Channel. Thank you for your continued support.

Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin (Sam Blake)

Literary Agent, Coach, Author
My guest this week has a wealth of experience both as an accomplished author and also as a literary agent and coach. Vanessa writes crime fiction under the name of Sam Blake.



Muriel Bolger

Journalist, Author
Muriel is an Award-winning travel writer and best-selling author.  Included in her writing accomplishments, Muriel has also written four books on her native city, including Dublin - City of Literature.



Amy Cronin

Amy has recently released her second book in her trilogy. Her first novel is called "Blinding Lies" and her second book is called "Twisted Truth".  We chat about how she juggles writing and family life.



Jules Coll

Comedy Screenwriter, Best-Selling Author and Visual Artist
My guest this week is comedy screenwriter, best-selling author and visual artist - Jules Coll. We chat about the 5 W's in writing and the different ways to write effectively and how to get that book finished


Emer McLysaght

Journalist, co-author of the Aisling series of novels
My guest this week is Journalist and co-author of the Aisling series of novels - Emer Mc Lysaght. We chat about the huge success of the Aisling series and how it all began.  And what's next for Aisling..


Sean Kelly

Author, Scriptwriter
My guest this week is Sean Kelly.  Sean self-published his debut novel "The Dog Sit Affair" in 2020.  Sean has had an incredible learning journey marketing his book and proves that it is never too late to write a book.


Liz Sheehan

Author, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist
My guest this week is Liz Sheehan.  Liz self-published her first novel 'Beneath the Visible' and is also an artist and a crystal therapist.  Liz incorporates her passion for crystal healing as characters in her book.


Conal Creedon

Author, Playwright, Documentary Maker - Part One
My guest this week, Conal Creedon, is the former Writer in Residence at University College Cork. His work is well regarded worldwide including fiction, poetry, documentary and more.


Conal Creedon

Author, Playwright, Documentary Maker - Part Two
In the second part of Conal Creedon's episode, we chat about the type of mindset you need to write or do you really need a certain mindset at all to write? Conal also reads a passage from his book "Passion Play."


Michelle Dunne

Author, Retired Corporal
My guest this week is Michelle Dunne. Michelle shares her writing journey from rejection letters to her life as a Corporal in the Irish army and now an author of three books. Michelle's current book is a thriller called "While Nobody Is Watching."


Patrick Osborne

Author, Playwright, Horticulturist
My guest this week is a self-published author, playwright, and horticulturist. Paddy's debut novel is called "Baxter's Boys."  A dark comedy about a neglected Dublin community and a dysfunctional, pub football team.


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