Once Upon a ... Pandemic

Once Upon a... Pandemic is a video series about sharing stories and staying positive through these challenging times of the pandemic and lockdowns.

I will be chatting with people from around the globe and find out how they are coping with the lockdown and how they are staying motivated.  My guests share some tips on how they are managing working from home, home schooling and just surviving it all.

I will be chatting with business owners, coaches, authors, parents and people from various preofessions.

You can also view all of these interviews on my YouTube Channel. Thank you for your continued support in sharing a positive mood and being kind.


Paul Howard

Irish Journalist, Author, Playwriter and Comedy Writer
Paul Howard is an Irish journalist, author and comedy writer. His best selling Ross O Carroll Kelly series has sold over 1.5 million copies in Ireland. Paul shares some writing tips and how he is staying positive at home...


Dan Gingiss

 Customer Experience Coach and author
Dan teaches audiences, businesses and executives how to make the brand lovers louder than the haters, by creating experiences they can’t wait to share.


Aoife Ryan

Relationship Mentor, Parent Mentor and Educator
Aoife Ryan is a parent mentor and shares some tips on how she is staying positive while working from home and also homeschooling...


Alana Kirk

Life Coach, author, creative copy consultant & freelance writer
Alana is a writer, author, coach, and mother..She shares some tips on how she stays focused in a new changing environment.


Rachel Gotto

 Speaker, Hypnotherapist & Author
Rachel Gotto is a Keynote Speaker, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Elite Life Coach, and an Author. Rachel has an incredible survival story and shares some ways she stays so positive..


Pam Finn

TV Presenter, PR Mentor & Marketing Specialist
PR Pam is one of Ireland’s leading PR professionals and Director of  Hashtag Media incorporating Social TV.


Alison Wilson

Founder of Idunn - Management Consulting, Speaker, Mentor
Alison is also a Mentor, Connector and Business Guide Secretary of Network Ireland and is working from home and home schooling.


Michael Keating

Human Mentor, Relations Director, Networker
Michael  shares some tips he incorporates in his life to stay motivated and positive.


Russ Hedge

Coach,Author & Motivational Speaker
Russ Hedge is a motivational speaker, coach, and author. Russ shares how he is staying positive during the pandemic and lockdowns in Oregon USA.


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