Back to life, Back to reality….

It’s hard to believe I have finished my year studying.  Where exactly does time go? If anyone feels they can’t do something new, try it first and then see.  For me, everything fell into place so I was meant to do this course.

My last exam was on the 11th May and I have done nothing since, no study books anyway.  I have been out walking, bringing the kids off to places and enjoying the last few weeks in June before the kid’s summer hols.

But where is the Summer weather? We were simmering in the summer sun this time last year, this year not so.  For me, I need to feel the sun on my face, you will never hear me complain its too hot.  We need vitamin D.

We are so spoiled for choices of music festivals, food events and family fun days in Ireland now, it’s fantastic and I would love to go to them all.  We had very few events when I was in my teens so it is good to see all these events popping up every summer.

So, what to do when kids are off soon? Well, there’s plenty to do if the weather is good so let’s hope that improves.  For me, I check websites and library events for kids’ stuff.  Having a car is a bonus for sure so we can just hop in and drive somewhere different. I go to the zoo at least 2-3 times a year, my kids love it and it can be a cheap day out if well planned.  Kids love getting out and knowing what they are doing every day.  My kids ask me every day or the night before what we are doing tomorrow!

So, I will put some links below to browse and if anyone would like to comment and add a new place/event to visit, please do..

I recently heard Ryan Tubridy on his radio show talk about Newbridge House and Farm in Donabate, I will be venturing there in the summer to see it.

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