The Twins

Starting school….

After three weeks, they have settled into “big” school.  A few tears on day one from Connie while Sonny stomped in like Sergeant Major.  I knew he would love it and mix in without a hitch but my daughter was the opposite. Every morning I see her face turn around 20 times to check I’m still there before they go into class.  Pure anxiety on her little face while Sonny’s waving so much he nearly walks into the door.

Its such an upheaval for them, more than we think.  Even after being in creche, its still very different for them.  The uniform, rules, homework, yard and clean up time must make them realise that it does not play school anymore.  By Halloween, it will all settle down, and then they are off for a week and the separation anxiety begins again when they return to school.

No wonder their little brains are hyper, sad, happy all in one day.  The school began for me as well and I feel all these emotions to on top off looking after three kids.

It’s exciting, intellectual, challenging and exhausting.   And that’s what I feel after one-week in.  I can only imagine what’s to come over the next nine months.  Challenge is good, well I keep telling myself anyway and I can have a lovely snooze on the train in and home.

The kids are like sponges, coming home with all these new questions and new words.  Every night Sonny’s brain is still going and he calls me in when Connie’s snoring.  He whispers in my ear “Mam train starts with T” and then tells me other words than begin with T to. I am gobsmacked at how much they are learning so quickly.   I quietly tell him to rest his brain for tomorrow and after ten minutes, I hear two different snoring sounds.

Now for the dinner tidy up, wash on, dry clothes sorted, toys picked up, ironing and so on.  Until I look and its ten-o clock.  Check my own college work and fall into bed.  I have another word that starts with T,  tired and soon I hear three snoring sounds.

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