New Year, New Lists…

So, it been a while since I posted.  I really don’t know where the time goes.  And is Christmas really over? People still have Christmas trees up.  I for one had mine down before January 6th.  I don’t feel bad as my friend took hers down on the 28th  December.

I find January is a reflective time and great for spurring on your ambitious streak.  I have so much I want to do this year; I have written it all down.  As I’m ageing, I’m ever so slightly panicking that I haven’t done everything on my “to do” life list. I love lists, can’t live without them.  If I went grocery shopping without one, I would leave and go back to get it.

So, number one on this year’s list is going to as many networking events as I can.  Don’t do it enough and my friends who are successful do and it works for them.  You have to mingle to learn the tricks of the trade you are in.  So, my first one is next week in Dun Laoghaire and booked through Dun Laoghaire Chamber.  I will be attending on my own and don’t mind that at all. One thing about getting older is you don’t think about things like that, you just do it.  When your younger every insignificant detail is scrutinised and analysed before you do anything or go anywhere. Yes, there are good sides to getting older.

Also, on that list is more travel.  I have missed this the most since having children.  The freedom to head off somewhere in the world has died down a lot for me after having children, especially three.  I was lucky to get to Boston in 2019 to see an old school friend.  It was great and I can understand why so many Irish choose to live there.  America is so vast, I also understand why many Americans never leave their country for holidays, they simply don’t need to.  Whatever type of holiday you want, America has it.  I have only been to a couple of cities in America and all so different so I need to see more.

My list of things to do is quite long so I hope to get as many as I can tick off this year.  Let’s see how I go.  Have you done a list or like me can’t live without them? 😊

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