Half the world away

“I would like to leave this city
This old town don’t smell too pretty and
I can feel the warning signs running around my mind
And when I leave this island
I’ll book myself into a soul asylum
‘Cause I can feel the warning signs running around my mind”

How appropriate are these lyrics from Oasis. The world has changed and most of us are trying to do the right thing by isolating. There are still many that sadly are not taking it seriously enough.  This virus has spread like a black cloud, filling us all with fear, sadness and death.  There are not many positives arising from our news sources but we were asked by our Taoiseach not to read it 24/7 as it can be overwhelming.  He is right.

We are at the ‘self-isolation’ phase where we can go out for provisions without the children and we can go for a walk without much contact if we meet people.  People are wearing masks and gloves, scarves covering half their faces, walkers getting faster as they pass you in case you cough or sneeze.  If it’s bizarre and dystopian to us adults, how must it be for the children?

I can only speak for mine and they are ok for now.  As it becomes a longer ‘holiday’ that will change dramatically, of that I’m sure.   For now, there is too much misinformation on social media and it is scaring people even more.  The ‘keyboard warriors’ must be loving the platform they have been given on a plate, as most people are online more now than before.

I am trying to keep up spirits and make sure we have enough food but not ‘panic buying’ as there is no need for that at the moment.  Community spirit is thriving and the support out there in our country is remarkable from neighbour to neighbour, friend to friend, stranger to stranger.  Of course without been too near each other.  This part has been hard for people, the lack of physical contact that we take for granted.  Many grandparents, sisters, brothers craving the hugs, the playtime, the kiss goodbye, the shoulder to lean on, the hand to hold.  But in time it will return and we will devour every piece of it and never forget this portion of time in our history.  It will be talked and written about for a long time after life returns to normal, whenever that normal will be.

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