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Balance Work, Learning and Living for a Fulfilled Life

As we near the end of the year, it should have been a slow one because of our current pandemic lifestyle but it went by in a COVID flash. Like most end-of-year feelings – we reflect.

I got through my first year in business and what a learning curve it has been.  So many highlights for me but by far the best one is registering for a course at UCD Innovation academy.  We are just at the end of our second module and presentations are flowing with so much creativity and design thinking.

There are over 30 students in my class, and this is one of two classes consisting of over 60 people.  The range of experience and innovative ideas is mind-blowing.  If this is what one class can come up with in a pandemic! One can only imagine what if there had been no pandemic, no online learning system, no zoom – would we all be on a course such as this one?

We have to look at the positives in this pandemic and there are some. So many new products and businesses will be presented to the world from this innovative learning – of that, I am sure.   I can’t wait to see the reaction to them all, when they are ready. 

I have felt something wasn’t quite right early on this year, I couldn’t get my business head on – my mind works in a creative way.  I have to train myself to think both creatively and in business mode.  I know there has to be that balance of both – for my business to work.

If we talk about balance – what is it in your business that you need to balance? Or are you lucky that everything is flowing just right? I think you can never know everything, and you may need to ask people for advice or to brainstorm and if part of your plan is not working, you need to change direction. 

If something is niggling you at this time of the year, address it and see if you can modify something in your future plans.  It’s all about balance and keeping that flow steady. 

Some words to sum up my year so far that contributed to my balance…


lue sky thinking

A  ssertiveness

L  ifelong learning

A  ction

N  onlinear

C  onceptualise

E  scape

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