Helping you write good content that will get you noticed

The Content Angel Packages

Helping you write good content that will get you noticed

1. Content Identity Angel Package
Title and Tagline Ideas Package
Do you struggle to explain what you do?
• I can do an ideas brainstorm call or zoom, and I will help you break it down.
• I ask five specific questions and I will then put together a three-sentence elevator pitch, title description, and a tagline for you.
• Contact me and let’s schedule a 15 min call to plan your next steps with me and I can give you a quote for this package.

2. Social Media Angel Package
Setting up a new business page? Where do I begin…
Outsource your social media management to a content writer. What can a content creator do for you?
• Set up and write your profile
• Write and research posts linked to your business
• Design graphics with your specific logo – 12 graphics per month which is content for 3 days per week. At the end of our contract, you will have a folder with 36 graphics that I designed for your posts. Graphics can include special offers, events, specific holidays etc.
• All content will contain relevant hashtags, your business contact information, relevant business tags and a call to action.
This package is based on a minimum three month contract.
Contact me for a quote tailored to your budget.

3. Angel Graphics Package
Social Media Graphics
Monthly – 12 graphics per month which means content for 3 days per week (graphic plus a heading/title) Outsource this task to me and I can design your graphics creatively or more specifically tailored to your business.
Contact me for a quote on this package.

4. Author Marketing Package
This is what I can help you with to support your promotion and marketing:
• Set up a one-page website to direct traffic and have a place to buy your book.
• Write and help source content for your site – profile, the blurb on your book, summary of any media/interviews, book reviews.
• Set you up on the specific social media platforms – suggested two platforms only.
• Source interviewers/podcasters to showcase your book.
• Help you write your Amazon author page plus blurb on your book
• A three-month contract is recommended, to set up and also train the author to take over their social accounts and website development after the three-month contract.
You also have the option to be a guest on my Writer’s Mindset series which I share across all my platforms reaching a wider audience.
Contact me for a quote that can be tailored to your budget.

5. Website Content Package –
First, let’s do a Content Discovery Call
• I can help with the design and written content of a basic 5-page website that will include the following pages – Home, About, Services/Product, Contact Us, FAQ/Blog
• I can help develop your new website and this will include headshots and a banner image that can be used across all your social media platforms.
• If needed I can write bi-weekly blogs for your blog page.
Contact me for a quote.

6. Talk Learn Connect package –
A Profile style article to link on your website, share to your social media platforms and add to your email signature.
Examples are here – Talk Learn Connect
A written profile piece on the person behind your brand – You.
Contact me and I can tell you more about this service.

Look forward to chatting and creating magic with your content.

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