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Leave your INHIBITIONS aside and follow your AMBITIONS inside

You know you have attended a life-changing event when you are nodding your head in acknowledgment along to what the speaker is communicating.  Have you ever thought about sharing your own career knowledge and helping others to recognise theirs?

Currently, we receive a lot of our information online and this is a sign of our advancement in our developing digital world, a world full of information overload.  In-person events can have much more of an impact on the audience in receiving value and also for the speaker in relation to feedback and engagement.

Engagement is essential for any speaker – very little interaction can mean your message is not coming across evidently. Think about what you are trying to convey in your talk and what is the purpose of sharing your knowledge and understanding.  

Why would you think of becoming a speaker, either individually or for your employers? Some positives achieved are:

  • Suggests creativity as an employee
  • Enhances critical thinking skills for your audience
  • Shows leadership qualities
  • Shows competence in your field
  • Learning new skills
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Networking prospects
  • Showcasing your storytelling methods

If you want to expand in your career and are unsure how to move on to the next step, perhaps speaking at events will allow you to proceed with your personal growth. Growing while learning guarantees better decision making, becoming an expert in your area and implementing the right skills to ensure your team has provided the best results possible. Developing the skillset for delivering a motivating talk is a skill in itself.  

Changing your career path may be a slight adjustment in your role and taking the next step to becoming a speaker.  It is an ability that can help you stay on the right path or a detour to another position.

Some of the best speakers in the world have a variety of skills but the main characteristic for delivering a thought-provoking speech is – the art of storytelling.  Look at Tony Robbins, Brené Brown, Richard Branson, Magic Johnson – to name only a few.  They all share their stories, their experience throughout their careers and their knowledge to a global audience, perhaps igniting the same in future motivational speakers.

Here are some fantastic links to watch and be inspired..

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