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Just keep Swimming……

I was delighted to feature on Ripple Effect Ireland’s Instagram community page in a feature where they chat to sea swimmers from everywhere. 🙂


How do you feel when you have been for a sea swim?

I feel delighted I did it, especially in the winter months. I like challenges and this has been one I began in the pandemic and I would say will never stop. It makes me feel I can do anything after a sea swim – exhilarating, mind-opening, revitalised.

What ripple effect does swimming have on other areas of your life?

The ripple effect is on my children, they see their mam happy, excited and my energy levels 100 % better after a swim.
I feel more productive in my writing and workwise when I swim, I come up with new work projects. This year I have brought 3 projects to life from ideas.

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of getting into sea swimming/dipping?

Advice from me is to do it now while the temperature is perfect, it stays like this until at least October. And never become overconfident of the sea as it is more powerful than you. Lastly, start with your toes and try to get in up to your neck, you will not look back..and pick a beach where there’s people there when you swim, safety first..😊

Massive thank you to @yvonnepreddin for sharing her beautiful pictures and her thoughts and advice about sea swimming with the #rippleffectireland community

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