To pee or not to pee

So, just when you have got the night toilet training all done after a year, one twin starts wetting again.  I give up.  When does it all get easier with twins.  I don’t want to hear that word here “never”.

So now I start all over again, getting up from my bed to lift them, just to make sure they are empty of wee for the night.  The broken sleep nights are all back, its like a bad dream.  Going backwards instead of forwards.

You try to think of things that could have triggered it off.  You never know really how much information is going into a four-year olds head.  They know a lot more than we mere adults think.  Our brains are so mashed up from the lack of sleep, the tantrums and the constant questions that four-year olds ask.  We could nearly let the four-year olds look after us, who would say no to someone cleaning up, cooking and tucking us into bed every night.  It sounds like utopia.

But, back to reality, I even think I smell like urine, I smell it everywhere, on everything.  Its like I plugged it in and it won’t go away.  I have had to go out and buy pull up pants again.  I remember not so long ago, I was ecstatic when I finished my last pack and said to myself “It’s over, I’m Back” as I believed I was finished with all the baby stages.

Not the case, my advice here is, when they are about 10, then we can do the jumping-for-joy-I- got-my-life-back dance.  Wait it out.  Now, I know that my life comes back as I have already done the baby thing before and now I have a teenager offspring.  HE’S WORSE.

That will be another day’s story.

Back to the wee problem.  I’m still deciphering in my brain what it is that’s started it again.  I think you just have to go with it and go back to basics.

The washing machine motor is about to blow I’m sure, but at least the good weather is coming and the sheets can dry outdoors.  A pity we couldn’t hang the kids out to dry to.

And this Thomas potty was one of the best investments over the last two years. It plays the Thomas song when they do a wee or a number two.  They are obsessed with the tune.  This was a god send and worked for me untill the song starting coming on by itself in the middle of the night.  I would get up on hearing the happy tune and thought one of the kids was up doing a wee but there would be no one there. It frightened the life out of me, so the battery was taken out of the base of the potty.  The kids were trained soon enough in the day time with a 100 per cent help from Thomas.  Thirty euro well spent for sure.  Theres a few tips on this topic below, every child is different, there is no miracle way to get your child to pee in the toilet, they will when their ready but these types of pottys can be very useful..

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