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I was worried when I collected the kids from their last day of school at the end of June, what the hell do I do now. I’m not one for summer camps, I never did them with my oldest son, perhaps as it was only one child.  Different when there’s two to keep entertained. I am reformed about summer camps, I love them.

I went shopping for summer camps two weeks before they finished up.  A local camp was on for a week and cheap enough for two.  After that I needed something longer than a week, I got them in Loughlinstown Community rooms Summer camp.  Three weeks, three days a week.  The timetable was brilliant – Causey Farm, Clara Lara Fun camp, Funtasia and lots more.

The first day was a bit like a scene from Kramer versus Kramer but finally they got on the bus.  After that they sailed through it and I went on some of the big trips so they were thrilled to have mam along.   I think my daughter grew up in those three weeks, she sure is a different five-and-a-half-year-old girl now.

My trip to Clara Lara was my all-time favourite place.  Its fantastic for the kids and adults.  There’s so much to do and the kids didn’t even look for their lunch, they were having so much fun.  Set in a forest park, the surroundings are spectacular as you drive in.  It feels like you are away in a different country, its so tranquil.  The staff were fantastic, a lot of young teenagers work there as a summer job.  They love it, you can tell from their personalities and attitudes.  The place is spotless to, I couldn’t fault anything about it.  I drove as the coach was full of hyper kids and it took me 40 mins from Loughlinstown and easy to find.

If you have never been with the kids, this is a must see.  I am not sure of prices as ours were paid for in camp prices but I believe you can get an annual pass and it works out better value.  I will be going back before the summer is out for sure.  All you need is a water proof camera and wear swimming clothes.

Here are some places the kids went and loved:


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