Me and the Sea pic

Me and the Sea

My car is promptly parked and I hop out, backpack swung on my back with my flask tucked inside along with my swimming clothes.  The first thing I do is breathe in the fresh air. My ear pods are in and the radio on, I always listen to The Ryan Tubridy Show, most mornings.  I love to see who his guests are at 9 30 am.  I begin my walk down towards the sea-blue carpet in front of me and I drift off into my own world.

I have one hour of bliss at my happy place – White Rock beach in Killiney.  It never seems to amaze me, how it makes me feel as I get closer to the sea.  It is a downhill walk and I know I have the arduous task of coming back uphill, to get to my car in one hour.   For now, I’m not thinking of that.

Ryan’s chirpy demeanor puts a smile on my face, and I laugh at his jokes as we are of similar age and I get his humour. 

By the time I reach the Vico Road, I can hear the white horses crashing on the beach and I hope that it’s not too rough.  It’s not the same as a spectator, although it’s still soothing watching the sea crash onto the beach and leave behind a frothy substance along the sand – I really want to be in it.

As I descend the overgrown path of nettles and thorny bushes, I reach the overpass bridge that leads to more steps down to my beach. The big rock juts out on the beach like a captain in the flying bridge area of his ship, looking out, keeping watch – Captain White Rock.

I am in the sea as quickly as I can. I throw some water at the back of my neck before I plunge in and gasp as I feel the coolness of the water.  The sun shining is an extra bonus as I pour my hot tea from my flask after my swim.  I dry off, slowly change into my clothes and I lie there for a few minutes with my eyes closed and let the sun shine on my face.  It is pure bliss.

Ear pods back in to catch the end of the radio show as I ascend the dreaded steps back to the car, back to life, but smiling as I know I will do it all again tomorrow – weather permitting. 

Well, it is Ireland 😊

What do you do for your happy hour?


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