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Emojis or no emojis – that is the question

We know that pictures or images can tell a story without any words and can work very effectively in marketing.  What about emojis?

Their origin began in…Yes, Japan, in the 1990s. The images were intended to add another level of self-expression to online subject matter.  They began as emoticons and then emojis were added for more creativity and a more expressive representation of your content.

Now there are hundreds of varieties of emojis including different skin colours so you can customise them to your message.  Particularly in our multiplicity world that is forever evolving – so too is our consumption of language.   

Here is an interesting statement –

According to a study by WordStream – “using an emoji in a Tweet can increase engagement by 25% compared to messages without emoji. Using an emoji in your Facebook posts can increase shares by 33% and interactions with your post by 57% “

We read and we listen to the experts talk about humanising our brand and we are also encouraged to come up with new ways to do this.  Emojis can work extremely well on social media platforms and also if you are a business appealing to a certain demographic.

There is most definitely a popular and growing niche in creating imagery to add some personality to your content while getting your message out to new audiences.  The younger demographic definitely apply emojis and graphics more in their communication, whether it’s on their mobiles, tablets, iPad or desktop computers. 

For me, I like the old-fashioned approach – the written word but perhaps I may try and incorporate some emojis in my content and see if the statistics are spot on… 😊

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