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This week on Talk Learn Connect, Writer Yvonne Reddin asks Visionary Consultant Wendy Stunt, to share some TLC (Talk Learn Connect)

Can you explain what a new customer can expect from a Visionary Consultant and how you utilise your knowledge to assist businesses/clients?

For me, it's all about seeing something that is transparent to me that a client doesn’t see. My clients are amazed when my vision and analysis are put in front of them and they then recognise what part of their business needs to be adjusted.
It can sometimes be as simple as changing social media platforms, outsourcing to a graphic designer and perhaps an introduction to a contact I have that may be beneficial to both clients.
People who know me, know I love connecting people and more importantly I love to hear what people are doing and where they need help. The networking side to the business is as important as doing your accounts.  If you don't network, how will people know what you do?
I have built up a vast contact network that has taken me years. I went to many networking events and got to know people from all professions and that contact base is part of my business now.
But, you know I can't give away all my secrets 🙂 You will have to hire me to see how I can enhance your business..

"I'm a firm believer in 'Being Stronger Together'" 


Profile Wendy Stunt

You won Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, what are the different mindsets of a successful self-employed person and that of an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are always thinking of new ways of innovation whereas a self-employed business owner generally has one business and concentrates on that one. It's really a very different mindset when you look at it in this way.
I have had several businesses and all were a learning experience.
I find within 2-3 years, I get itchy feet and I move on to another idea, to see how I can make it successful. I would definitely say I am a serial entrepreneur.
I feel a need to help everybody and always put myself last. I work as a consultant with companies and take them on a journey and once that we have fulfilled our objective, I move on to my next client.
Business creativity is something that comes naturally to me and I have plenty of experience since my twenties to know if a business is going to work or not. I don't like to stay with a venture when there is no movement or change happening. It has to be about moving to another level, if it's not moving, I move on. It's that simple.

How has your business managed throughout the pandemic, have you had to pivot your business with new strategies?

My business hasn’t pivoted but my client's businesses have. I have found that I have stepped more into the role of a mentor and supporting my clients in their business.  I believe in a "Being Stronger Together" attitude.  When the pandemic began, I could see businesses going under but I could also see the potential for collaboration opportunities to save businesses also.
Why should businesses go under when perhaps we could come together and share what we need and see how we could also support each other.  Little did we know nearly two years later, we would still be in this position.
Not everyone has been able to pivot successfully but bringing people together on zoom networking groups, is what saved and helped many people, it still is.  I don't think the zoom culture is going anywhere, it's here to stay.

Can you think of any positives that may arise from this unforeseen, economic catastrophe, from a business perspective?

Most business owners are working 24/7 and always have been. Really, we were going around in circles, trying to keep our heads above water. The hybrid model that we are hearing everywhere will benefit us all. I mean, did people enjoy the crazy hours they were working?  So many people were working to live instead of actually living.
Now we have had time to look at all these situations and prioritise them.  Some people have really stopped, embraced the hybrid model and slowed down.
The pandemic certainly made us all rethink our professional and personal lives and what matters most. There has to be a positive in all this somewhere.

Can you share any words of wisdom that you received that helped you in your successful career?

I love the quote from Mother Theresa - "I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples."
I hope I have been helpful and supportive to many and I also like it reciprocated. People I have around me now are loyal and have my best interests to heart and to me that matters the most. You need that support group around you to keep you grounded.
My good friend Don Harris has advised me so well in his mentoring and I can say this if you haven't already - go and get a mentor or coach, it is worth every penny. Don broke everything down for me and definitely helped me see clearly.
And not to forget Alan Hennessy - The Digital Mentor, who shared his invaluable knowledge and time with me. Last but not least your good self, my great friend and partner in crime, have been a constant support and the best craic for the last two years while building our businesses. The three of us have laughed over so many long zoom calls throughout the pandemic and I think we got each other through the last 18 months.
You can contact Wendy here -
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