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This week on Talk Learn Connect, Writer Yvonne Reddin asks Speaker - MC - Coach,  Rob Cullen to share some TLC

You have a fantastic weight loss journey. Can you share some tips on how you maintained your weight loss?

Thanks Yvonne,  I think there are a few reasons why we managed to keep the weight off.  I’ll take you back to the start as I feel this is key to keeping the weight off.
We had a strong motive and a strong why to losing the weight in  the first place for us, it was our boys and our health.  When you have a strong why you keep going.  Its always there so its not a short term why like an occasion (birthday/holiday/wedding) its something that we could keep going back to and keep reminding ourselves why we started.
The second reason that we have been able to maintain our weight loss is due to how we lost it in the first place. We made a conscious decision never to be on a diet, to make some small changes and make them sustainable.  So now its just a way off life for us. We eat and cook healthy most of the time, treat ourselves when we want but really really enjoy the food we are cooking and eating .
It’s not all plain sailing though but sometimes you need to take a step back and look in the mirror to realise how far you have actually come.

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"Have some snacks throughout the day but know the difference between a snack and a treat, we try keep our treats for the evening - during the day we would snack mainly on fruit"

With Christmas holiday time coming to an end, what are your suggestions to getting back on track and into a healthy eating plan as soon as possible?

Most of us have overindulged over the last few weeks but the truth is if you do absolutely nothing other than going back to your regular way of eating and moving you will actually lose the weight you might have gained within two to three weeks.
Even we take a break over the Christmas but we still try to make better choices and that is what it’s all about. The first week in January, we go back to our weekly planner of what we are having for dinner each night. We sit down on a Sunday and come up with some ideas on meals we would like to have during the week (remember if you don’t feel excited about it on Sunday you won't want to eat it on Wednesday)
We don’t make it until that evening but we know what ingredients we need to have, to make it.
We always try to have plenty of colour, variety and a mixture of quick and easy meals to make. A simple process is to have a quarter of your plate protein, a quarter carbs and half with veg. Watch the portion size too, if you feel you need more, top-up on the veg. Make sure your meals are filling and enjoyable.
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We get back to our porridge for breakfast, Yvonne has plenty of different ways of making it and tons of recipes on Instagram. Have some snacks throughout the day but know the difference between a snack and a treat, we try to keep our treats for the evening - during the day we would snack mainly on fruit.
It really is that simple, just make the small sustainable changes, love what you eat, enjoy any sort of exercise you do and this all makes it so much easier to become a daily habit.  Motivation will get you started but habits are what keep you going.

What’s your opinion on quick fix weight loss programmes and is it sustainable long term?

Quick fixes just don’t work , we will see so many false promises and advertisements over the next few weeks about how you could look if you did X but its all bullshit really. They are not sustainable as people on them are hungry and craving any food groups they might have cut out. Once they go back to 'normal' the weight goes back on.
Slow and steady really does win the race. Nothing that comes easy will last and nothing that lasts comes easy.
In saying that, some are good to get people back on track but don’t think if you do something for four weeks in January you are going to win 2021, it has to be consistent.

"It really is important to stay connected, eighty per cent of success in networking comes not from meeting new people but from maintaining contact with your existing network"

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A big part of what you do in Dublin Chamber is linked with networking, how have you found virtual networking in 2020 and for the foreseeable future?

Oh, I've really missed face to face networking. 2020 has been a tough year for anyone like me who loves networking and was doing it most days - online is just not the same.
I’ve tried many different platforms and events over the last ten months now but really it is hard to replicate a face to face event. But we are going to have to do it for the next six months at least so I would say, keep networking online and think of the positives,
Our network now is no longer geographically restricted, we can reach out to people, connect and do business globally, when we might not have even considered it last year.
Everyone is available so it’s easier to connect and arrange a zoom call with people.
You need to keep relevant, keep sharing content, keep reaching out to people but the key to any networking is helping others.
Don’t be a taker be a giver, be that person that helps connect people that helps others do business.  The more you give in the long run the more you will get back.
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Can you share your new concept of networking introduced in December and was there good feedback from it?

Yes, recently Dublin Chamber launched a new way of networking on a platform called Remo.
Think of yourself arriving at a wedding and looking at the table plan, that’s what happens when you arrive at our new networking events.
You will see a table plan and hop on a table with up to five other people, you will see them and they will see you and you network with each other.  Every few minutes we encourage people to move onto another table to increase their connections and chat to others.
If we have a guest speaker, the networking stops and people will all see the speaker on the main stage.
We have only tried a couple of events but the overall feedback has been great, people loved the tables and a small tight group conversation so we will see how it goes in 2021.

Finally, what are your plans for going forward in 2021?

I know 2021 will be a great year, if you think that you are already off to a winner !!
I wear many hats so my main goal for 2021 will be to stay healthy, spend as much time as possible with my family and continue to help others.
Whether its in health and well being, connecting business people with each other or just offering help and advice, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone else succeed from the help you have given them.


It is the hardest time of the year to stay motivated and lose weight. Thank you Rob for all your tips that will most definitely help people at home.  The main thing is to stay positive and focused on your ideal goals... 
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