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This week on Talk Learn Connect, Writer Yvonne Reddin asks Author and Creative Writing Facilitator Carolann Copland, to share some TLC

What is your background in writing?

I began writing by attending creative writing workshops at the age of forty. I write contemporary/historical fiction and I have independently published three novels.
I facilitate Creative Writing Workshops and Writing for Well being Workshops through Carousel Writers and I am presently completing a Masters in Creative Writing with Maynooth University.
The more I learn, the more I need to learn.

How did the Carousel Awards Prize begin and why did you feel there needed to be one?

The Carousel Aware Prize for Independent Authors (The CAP Awards) began in 2016. The most difficult obstacle for an Indie published author is to get your work recognised by book sellers and readers, so Ireland needed a platform to show the cream of Indie publishing.
I chose Aware as the benefiting charity because of the help they have given to my family over years of struggling with mental health illness.

Where can people find more information on how to submit their books for the different categories?

All the information on the CAP Awards and how to submit your entry can be found at

In your own opinion, what do you think needs to change to help and support indie authors, in terms of recognition, media coverage etc?

Recognition is a struggle because of people’s concept of what was known in the past as vanity publishing. Independent publishing is highly professional and successful now, so it’s time to change that concept and the CAP Awards hopes to promote that.

Was there anyone who inspired you to write and did anyone in particular share words of wisdom along your own journey?

There is so much wisdom, inspiration and support on offer in the book world. My mother gave me a kick into writing as she was very involved in facilitating adult education, but more recent motivation to continue the writing journey comes from authors such as Paul Lynch, Liz Nugent and Niamh Boyce.
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Booker Prize Winner Paul Lynch Patron of the Carousel prize Awards for Independent Authors