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This week on Talk Learn Connect, Writer Yvonne Reddin asked fashion influencer/stylist, Catherine’s Closet to share some TLC (Talk Learn Connect)

Can you share a summary of your career to date and what led you down the path of fashion?

My daughter asked my mother what was I like as a child. Her reply was’ she loved her style from a very early age.’  Being the youngest of six children, I got a lot of hand-me-down clothes so as soon as I got a part-time job, I spent all my money on clothes.
I would spend hours looking in clothes shops and trying on clothes. I only wore an outfit once so I decided to start selling my clothes online.
It took off so well, I then started to order more styles and sizes of what I loved and my business took off from there.

“I’ve done a business course, but its really the personal end of meeting people and styling them that I’m passionate about most”

Catherine’s Closet

Who is your biggest icon/s and inspiration for your style?

From a young age, It was Madonna, I loved how unique she was, always changing her image and still doing what she does best.
The next icon for me was Princess Diana, in particular when she made her entrance in ‘that’ wedding dress.
My more recent icon is Tara Maynard. To me, she is a style queen.
Millie MacIntosh is another person whom I love to follow. Her style is so effortless and chic.
These people, for me, have the most influence on my style and vision.

How has the pandemic affected your business, and have you had to adjust it more to online or was it that way pre-pandemic?

A lot of my business is based in the home as I invite clients to be styled there so there was a huge negative effect for me.
That all had to cease for the last three months and more.
I also buy my clothing pieces for my clients overseas so that all stopped as well.
There weren’t any online orders either as people were going nowhere.

Do you, as a ‘fashion influencer’ integrate social media as a necessary business tool for you to grow your business?

One hundred percent social media is my business tool. Word of mouth is still a powerful old-fashioned mechanism for new business clients.
When I style a client and they receive compliments, this is all good praise for me and what I do.

Can you share any words of wisdom that you received that helped you in your successful career?

If you are really passionate about what you do, stick with it.
There are so many ups and downs when starting your own business and trying to make it work. It s the best feeling in the world styling someone and making them feel good.
But if you really love what you do, it will be enough to make you so happy.


You can connect with Catherine here:
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