The Twins

Starting school….

After three weeks, they have settled into “big” school.  A few tears on day one from Connie while Sonny stomped in like Sergeant Major.  I knew he would love it and mix in without a hitch but my daughter was the opposite. Every morning I […]

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Farewell Summer, Hello new beginnings..

With the Summer quickly fading, I notice the dark nights creeping back in and I’m looking forward to getting back into some kind of routine in September.  I have realised over our Indian Summer how much I miss this type of weather.  After living away […]

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Yvonne Reddin

Mother knows best

I have been kept busy with Summer activities for the kids, in other words keeping the kids happy.  Summer camps can be expensive, especially when you have more than one child.  But, as Ireland has had a Summer this year, a very good one, its […]

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Yvonne Reddin Killiney Beach pic

Funday Sunday

White Rock beach is situated between Killiney and Dalkey.  A lovely walk from either direction will bring you to this lovely cove type beach.  Popular with locals as its quieter than busy Sandycove beach in Dun laoghaire.  Be prepared for a descent down to the […]

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Bank holiday bliss…

Another trip to River Valley holiday park, topped off with the infamous Teddy’s ice cream at Dun Laoghaire park.  What more can four and a half-year-old twins want…So, normally a bank holiday weekend can be a long one but I have found the kids are […]

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Girl time….

What’s a girl to do…great place in Bray, kids are free with mammys….      

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Things to do with the little ones…

I am very lucky to live beside the seaside.  A stone’s throw away and I can be in the picturesque Wicklow or less than a stone’s throw away in my local town Dun Laoghaire.  When the sun is out you couldn’t pick a better place […]

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Here comes the sun……we hope

Most weekends I have two four year olds asking me on the Friday night “what are we doing tomorrow” and the next day and so on.  Planning my weekends is inevitable for all of us.  Summer bank holidays in Ireland need a lot of planning […]

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Sharing is caring

For me, becoming a mother has been the toughest challenge.  And that is up there with completing a level eight college degree, learning to drive at 45, moving overseas and back, living with a parent who has Alzheimers and parenting alone. I have always felt […]

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Blog Post pic

Wham Bam, It’s tough being a mam

A typical day for me the last four years, consists of daily trips to parks, making snacks, cooking dinners, changing nappies then toilet training, hopefully getting six hours unbroken sleep a night and maybe having a shower at some stage of the day.  And what […]

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